TuffChem offers rental of equipment and other services to complement its core services.

Our services include:

1. Professional laboratory services
2. Chemist and equipment services for:

  • Chemical analysis
  • Oil in water
  • Oil and hydraulic fluid particle counts


We also provide rental of the following equipment:

1. PAMAS S40 hydraulic fluid analyser

Specifically designed for the measurement of water/glycol hydraulic fluids and is compatible with subsea fluids such as Oceanic HW540, Oceanic 443, Castrol Trans aqua and Niche Pelagic 100.
Intelligent yet simple to operate the PAMAS S40 WG reports results to NAS1638 and AS SAE4059 and ISO cleanliness classes. AS 4059 special report function for class B to F only. Producing a result printout for these size bands where they are specified. Calibration according to ISO11171:1999, according to NAS1638 with NIST traceable standards.


  • Water/glycol Hydraulic fluid flushing
  • Christmas trees
  • HPU’s
  • Subsea umbilical’s
  • Hydraulic accumulators
  • Valves and control systems
  • Compatible with water/glycol hydraulic fluids including the following:

MacDerimid – Oceanic HW 540, 443, 443r
Castrol – Transaqua series
Niche Products – Pelagic 100

2. Hot Oil Flushing Pump – Gear Pump

Capacity: 2 x 300 lpm

3. Diesel and electric driven centrifugal pumps with double strainer of various sizes.

4. Hydrostatic Testing Equipment

  • Dual or triple pens recorder of various pressure rating
  • Hydraulic hoses and fitting
  • Stainless steel manifolds
  • Hydrostatic pumps of various pressure reading.
  • Gauges of various pressure rating

5. Temporary knockdown waste holding tanks

Capacity : 180m3