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TuffChem provides a turn key design, build and/or operation of Industrial Waste Water Treatment plants. These are both stationary and mobile units. We have a track record serving some of the world’s largest MNC throughout the South East Asia region.

In May 2011 TuffChem is in the final process of precommissioning an Industrial Waste Water Treatment plant for Unilever in Vietnam. This plant was desgined and built by TuffChem. It’s capacity is for treating upto 125 cbm waste water per day.

As it is a well known fact that is expensive to dispose of Industrial waste water generated from Chemical cleaning, our company offers a more cost effective solution which also enables our client to improve not only their financial “bottom line”, but also their reduction in environmental impact.
Through our 10 year experience in the chemical cleaning industry throughout Asia, we have developed and now successfully operate a Mobile Waste Water Treatment plant. This is stationed in Malaysia and is in containerized size and can be mobilized to our client site on short notice.
The unit can treat up to 5 cbm of wastewater per hour. Our services are turnkey. We only need client to give us a sample of the wastewater to be treated, and also receive clients reply to our questionnaire. Once we commit, we use our trained and certified specialist to come to your site and treat the waste water.

We also built and operate a mobile waste water treatment plant for Petronas in Malaysia. This unit can treat upto 10 cbm of wastewater per day.

Water Treatment chemical 1

Membrane cleaners

· removal of scale, metals, biological growth and organic foulants and in organic foulants

· removal of calcium carbonate, sulfate and metal oxide.

· removal of organic acids, oils, cellulosic, waxes and a paraffin

· Antiscalant/Dispersant for inorganic scale, metals and colloids

· Remove silt, precipitants, sugars and or organics i.e oil, grease from polyamide think firm membrane system

· Anti microbiological Pretreatment for membranes

2 Bioremediation Dispersant

3 For Waste Water Treatment Plants

· Sewer Collection Lines & Drains

· Activated Sludge Plants of all types