decontamination_2Decontamination is used to remove light and heavy-end hydrocarbons. It can effectively eliminate benzene, toluene, xylene and H2S. At Tuffchem Environmental Services, we offer the most comprehensive hydrocarbon decontamination package in the market today that can effectively reduce downtime, HSE liability, waste disposal, plant’s turnaround, maintenance or emergency shutdown time. Our engineers will work closely with the clients to design the most efficient and cost-effective circulation loops to decontaminate either full or partial refinery units, such as crude and vacuum, coker, thermal and hydro-crackers, FCCU and others.


Tuffchem offers technical support for pre-engineering and execution of the decontamination/chemical cleaning project in the oil refinery and petrochemical industries, and is fully capable of designing and executing Full Unit Decontamination job, where the entire unit can be decontaminated within an estimated 30 hour period.

By working in close cooperation with process engineers, operations and maintenance team, and the incorporation of the company’s principals, Tuffchem can help oil refineries in the Asia Pacific region to mobilize crew and equipment required to carry out chemical cleaning of their refinery process units. This includes specification of temporary pumps, hoses, fitting, pump operations, and anything else that is needed for the job.


TuffChem also provide its clients with comprehensive written procedure and loop diagrams to ensure that job execution is carried out safely, timely, and effectively. All the decontamination procedure and circulation loops are designed with thorough input from the units operations and process engineering personnel; hence by the time of the project execution, Tuffchem decontamination experts together with the Principal [full unit decontamination] ensures to have achieved seamless integration with clients turnaround management and operation team.