TuffChem Environmental Services Pte. Ltd, Singapore was established in 1991 with management training consultation and trading in oil & gas products as its core business. In 2003 the company moved into industrial cleaning services specializing in oil & gas both upstream and downstream, as well as that of the power industry. Over the years the company have also expanded into specialty chemical development and manufacturing.

Today the company is the forerunner in using clean processes and environmental choice chemical and technologies that reduce waste generated and are safe to use.

Tuffchem’s headquarters is in Singapore and has offices at Abu Dhabi and Malaysia. We have presence via agents in the Philippines, Pakistan, Iran, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Vietnam.


Mission statement and vision
Tuffchem’s mission is to provide quality and cost-effective services and establish long-term relationship with our clients. To accomplish this, we continuously source for new products and progressive technologies, and strive to attain new heights to meet our customers’ ever expanding cleaning needs.

We are committed to provide innovative solutions to our clients by drawing on the experience of our team of talented and experienced employees and established principals. We uphold professional quality and ensure safe delivery of our services to meet our client’s expectations, schedule and budget.

Corporate and environmental responsibility
Tuffchem is committed to the preservation and sustainability of our natural resources and the protection of the environment.

With continuous research and development and sourcing for new technologies, we aim to bring products and services that reduce emission, waste production and safe for both men and equipment. Where possible our service delivery should aim at minimize waste, looking at life cycle of process and most important end of life process, aiming where possible reuse/recycle, else safe treatment/disposal operation.


TuffChem uses Value Propositions as our business model. We are an industrial cleaning and maintenance service company, as such increasing a value propositions is extremely important for both internal and external customers. This is done via selection of process, chemistry and technology that are alternate cleaner choices to conventional cleaning systems.

Customer Value Propositions
Unlike many industrial competitors that offer off-the-shelf services, we offer customers not just cleaning contractor services but also consultation services. We study their needs, analyze the situation and perform laboratory tests prior to offering appropriate services. These include methods, technologies and chemical choices for their specific requirement. Our technologies and chemicals choices are often the safer for workmen, equipment and environment.

By engaging us, customers will experience sound process solution, and receive advise on the impact of services rendered. Most customers have a need of a service, but are unsure of the process. Tuffchem provides consultation to our clients, advising them not only about the available processes, we also address their concerns, standard and acceptance criteria ensuring that these are reasonably practical and attainable. By doing do, we develop long term relationship between us and our clients.

Employee Value Propositions
All employees are involved in our creative and innovative solution development. Adding on to the current standard services, we have modified and test bed internally to ensure the result of any services that we provide have added value. This engages employees to think while they work and expand their knowledge and skill making TuffChem a very creative company offering space for continuous learning.


Our team consists of multi-racial individuals with various work and education experience. Technicians are at least ITB equivalent and managers have minimum working experience of 10 years in the field of environmental engineering.